The Artist Mentorship Program is an arts-integrated collaboration between the University Galleries at Florida Atlantic University and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County.

Florida Atlantic University art students and alumni serve as mentors to 11 to 15-year-old youth from the Boys & Girls Club Teen Center. Employing arts integration philosophies and teaching methods, AMP combines the visual arts with other disciplines such as science, language arts, music, and math.

AMP is coordinated for the University Galleries Museum Education Program by Jill Lavetsky, recent FAU MFA graduate and teaching artist.

What is Arts Integration?

Arts integration is instruction that integrates content and skills from the arts – dance, music, theatre and the visual arts – with other core subjects. Arts Integration occurs when there is a seamless blending of content and skills between an art form and a co-curricular subject.

Why do it?

Arts integration is highly effective in engaging and motivating students. It supports academic achievement and improved social behavior of students while enhancing the school environment. The arts provide students multiple modes for demonstrating learning and competency. A rich array of arts skills and intellectual processes provide multiple opportunites for students to link content in other subject areas. Similarly, arts instruction is deepened through integration of content from the other subject areas. At its best, arts integration is transformative for students, teachers and communities. The imaginations and creative capacities of teachers and students are nurtured and their aspirations afforded many avenues for realization and recognition.


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